Species (Family) : Asteraceae

Synonym(s) : Echinops tauricus Willd. ex Ledeb, Echinops tenuifolius Fisch. ex Schkuhr, Echinops meyeri (DC.) Iljin, syn of subsp. Meyeri, Echinops ruthenicus M.Bieb., syn of subsp. Ruthenicus, Echinops virgatus Lam., syn of subsp. Ruthenicus, Echinops sartorianus Boiss. & Heldr., syn of subsp. Sartorianus, Echinops siculus Strobl, syn of subsp. Siculus,  Echinops thracicus Velen., syn of subsp. thracicus

Part(s) Used : Blue or white spherical flower heads

Constituents :  Triterpenes, Flavonoids, Coumarin

Food Use : None documented.

Form of product : Dried flowerhead

Herbal Use : In history, the roots of Echinops were used as an anthelmintic agent, meaning it would destroy parasitic worms. It was also said to be a galactagogue, which promotes the secretion of milk in breastfeeding women. It is not conventionally used in medicine today.