Orange blossom

Orange blossom


Species (Family) : Rutaceae

Synonym(s) : C. aurantium sinensis.

Part(s) Used : Flowers,  Fruit,  Oil

Constituents : Vitamin C, flavonoids, acids and volatile oils, coumarins.

Food Use : flavors

Form of product : Dried flower, Distillate

Herbal Use : Bergapten is sometimes added to tanning preparations since it promotes pigmentation in the skin, though it can cause dermatitis or allergic responses in some people. Some of the plants more recent applications are as sources of anti-oxidants and chemical exfoliants in specialized cosmetics. The fruit is appetizer and blood purifier. It is used to allay thirst in people with fevers and also treats catarrh. The fruit juice is useful in the treatment of bilious affections and bilious diarrhea. The fruit rind is carminative and tonic. The fresh rind is rubbed on the face as a cure for acne. The dried peel is used in the treatment of anorexia, colds, coughs etc