Species (Family) : There are reportedly 172 species of Ferula. The main source is believed to be from Ferula assafoetida L. and Ferula foetida (Bunge) Regel.

Synonym(s) : Asafetida, Asant, Devil’s Dung, Ferula foetida (Bunge) Regel, Gum Asafetida.

Part(s) Used : Oleo gum resin obtained by incising the living rhizomes and roots

Constituents : Gum fraction, Resins, Volatile oils

Food Use : Asafoetida is used widely in foods. Asafoetida (essential oil, fluid extract and gommo-oleoresin) is listed by the Council of Europe as a source of natural food flavouring. Previously, asafoetida was approved for food use in the USA

Form of product : Essential oil, Fluid extract, Gum(Resin)

Herbal Use : Asafoetida is stated to possess carminative, antispasmodic and expectorant properties. It has been used for chronic bronchitis, pertussis, laryngismus stridulus, hysteria and specifically for intestinal flatulent colic